Executive Search Fee Structure

At Alta Search Group, LLC we believe in results based and reasonable fee structures that reflect 21st century talent acquisition realities. We offer support to help you define the optimum hiring profile to access the right talent in the least amount of time. When needed, we will work with you to adjust search requirements that may be too broad or too narrow, and limiting to a successful outcome.   We do original research on every search we conduct.   Also, we don’t delegate the search to ‘junior colleagues or associates’.   Our partners are engaged in every search to ensure that you find the best talent.

Following our initial consultation and the execution of our basic search agreement, we begin your search with a small non-refundable engagement fee. The balance of the fee is performance based with half of the fee paid when we present to you qualified and interested candidates.   The final half is only paid when we successfully complete the search for you.

In addition, where possible, our primary focus is on accessing local executive talent.   We will do our best to help you avoid the expenses and challenges associated with executive relocation.  With Alta Search Group LLC, we provide personalized high touch, high quality executive search support without the high fixed fees usually associated with Executive Search.