About Our Company

Alta Search Group specializes in recruiting high quality C-Suite, Executive, VP, Director and Senior Manager level talent in a variety of industries such as, private equity, manufacturing, industrial, software/technology, transportation, financial services, printing and publishing, and consumer products. Our corporate and private equity clients, span diverse industries and we’ve successfully conducted searches for executives in general management, sales, operations, supply chain, accounting/finance and human resources.


Many organizations seek faster, less expensive and flexible approaches to recruiting executive talent. On every executive search, Alta Search Group creates a clearly defined position specification then deploys a dedicated team that focuses on finding high quality executive talent that meets each clients unique hiring profile. We do this in a way that is both highly efficient and very cost effective.


Our process delivers a select slate of high caliber candidates quickly, at low fixed costs and with highly efficient search execution. The unique needs of each of our clients are supported by our total commitment to providing an unparalleled level of customer service and partnership.


Before committing valuable company resources on your next search assignment, we invite you to learn more about Alta Search Group’s alternative approach to executive talent acquisition.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Comprehensive Executive Search Services

Specification, Candidate Profiles, Compensation Benchmarking Assessment and Assistant in Closing the Candidate.

Extensive Outreach To Passive Candidates

On each search Alta Search Group generate fresh research and candidate identification for each unique search.

We Don't Delegate To Junior Delegates

A Senior Partner, 2 Researchers, Social Media Outreach, Direct Candidate Sourcing and an Extensive Network on Every Search.

High Touch Support

Alta Search Group aims to provide our clients with tailor-fitted solutions to their concerns in a more personalized and engaging manner.

Focus on Local Talent & Fast Results

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

What Our Clients Say

Alta Search Group is committed to driving superior results  with each and every business opportunity. We assist clients to find the kind of talent they need and we guide candidates to fully realize their career ambitions with rewarded success. Below you will find some character references about Alta Search Group.